• About Me (and consequently You)

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    Reggie Smith

    I am a Passionate learner…. love to read almost anything.  Can watch almost anything on TV, but do miss going to the movies during the age of CoronaV.  Love to travel (been to all 7 continents), explore different cultures, love music (old school music & Prince aficionado) and fancy myself as rock (air) guitarist (The Axe baby!).  Did a duet with Prince (karaoke style) as my wedding vows and wife and I did several music videos for the reception.  Sports fan, but don’t watch as much as I used to.  March Madness is my favorite sporting event.  Huge high school football fan.  Casual foodie.  Love trying new restaurants.  Catfish and BBQ are my favs.

    I, like you have been and am on a journey.  I married for the first time later in life.  I changed my long time career in sales to helping others in emotional and/or cognitive distress.  I have battled inconsistent and traumatic experiences from my childhood.  I have had anxiety rob me of experiences and achievements as well as not enjoying fully some of the things I did get. Dating various people not knowing what I was searching for, just hoping it would arrive in the form of a bright orange sign!  So, I understand.  I get it.  You, like me will have to (or continue to) do your work.  Your future self is worth it. The future however, is NOW.

    I am here for one reason.  I left a 27-year corporate career 6-figure salary and embarked on 9 years of graduate school to be here to meet you.  This work is more aligned with my purpose, which is to help YOU get the things in life that YOU so desire and live more of the life of YOUR dreams.  Some of this may help YOU recognize what YOU truly desire often is different than the path YOU are on.

    Are you just passing the time, while time is passing??

    Call me for a brief chat to see if I can apply to be your growth partner.


    • Certificate in Change Leadership – Cornell University
    • Certified Trauma Professional – PESI
    • Certificate in Cognitive Behavior Therapy – Beck Institute of Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional – PESI
    • Certified Mindfulness-Informed Professional – PESI
    • A.A. in Arts and Sciences –Mountain View College, Dallas TX
    • B.A. in Communications – University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX (Magna Cum Laude)
    • M.A. Counseling – Amberton University, Garland, TX
    • PsyD (Doctor of Psychology candidate) – California Southern University, Costa Mesa, California
    • Relational Life Therapy level 1 
    • SYMBIS pre-marital facilitator 
    • Have attended various trainings on trauma, anxiety and relationships.


    • US Army Veteran
    • Alpha Chi (Undergrad Honor Society)
    • Golden Key National and International Honor Societies (undergraduate and graduate school)
    • Texas Counseling Association