• Counseling for Anxiety

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    Anxious & Stressful situations

    Hmm….let’s see if you recognize any of these scenarios:

    I want to go out but I am worried that I may be judged on the way I look? When I go out I am constantly thinking about what others are thinking about me – I know they are talking about me!

    Here it comes — heart pounding, racing thoughts, rapid breathing. Am I about to hyperventilate? Why does this keep happening to me? How can I make it friggin stop?!

    I am worried if something happens to my job? Or I am really anxious if one of my loved ones is going catch Covid 19? I worry that if I touch anything I am dead! I am worried if my children leave my sight – even if staying with a trusted family member something may happen to them – wait a minute NO ONE is to be trusted!

    I am stressed due to issues at work, or my spouse and I are not speaking. Or I have to much month at the end of my money. Or the children’s father is late with child support.

    You don’t have those problems, but let’s say you get regularly “triggered” from something someone else says, like your boyfriend for instance. He knows how to push my buttons! But why do I keep going off? Maybe that’s that’s just who I am. That’s how I/we (fill in your stereotype or experience – red heads, black/latin women, angry/jealous boyfriend, my dad was this way, etc) are. Ain’t nothing I can do about it…

    Errrr….Oh yes you can!

    The above is how we choose to be. Yes it could have been influenced by something in the past, but we don’t have to remain in the past with the occurrence of that event.
    Often, we embrace identities we believe we are suppose to embrace, since we have not fully embraced our own magic. Our own substance. Our own juice. Our own (dare I say as it has been sooo used) truth.

    We have the power to choose differently and it goes beyond what shoes am I going to wear, or what hairstyle I want to rock at work, or what car I want to drive. We can choose more of who and how we want to be.

    Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, or just plain ol’ anxiety!

    I too have been on this journey. On your journey to conquering this bandit, I would like to be your partner in crime. I am here to walk alongside you, coach, affirm, etc.


    Let’s chat briefly about your situation no-obligation…call me