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    Dating/Mate finding

    In dating as well as marriage, we often believe this person should meet my needs or “off with your head”. Be real, its like we can go through a drive through, like at McDonalds, and order that mate and can ask the cashier to hold whatever item we prefer not to have! Picture this if you will:

    Order taker: McRelationship – may we help you?

    You (female): Ahh, I want a nice guy with bit of an edge, 6 ft tall and super cute, nice abs and chest, really good job, bald head, or nicely styled hair, wears a suit or business casual to work, but can rock some Tims (Timbalands). Extra side of bedroom skills, and hold the momma’s boy.

    Order taker: Does that complete your order?

    You: Oh make sure he loves the Lord!

    Order taker: Thank you

    You (male): Alright alright yall got any of those super hot, number 1 stunners left?

    Order taker: I believe we do, which do you want?

    You (male): Ahh, let me get TWO – I want a petite babe, trim the fat, long hair, good job, stays in shape, no kids, freak only for me, (virgin if you got it), and independent, yet submissive. Also, my bro here wants a thick female, with nice breasts and round butt, freak of the week (only for me), makes bank, and Loves the Lord!

    Order taker: Okay, is that all?

    You: Oh yeah, make sure she calls me daddy, or better yet Papi!


    Let’s help you refine the list. While we all have certain things we like what we superficially find attractive, let’s get a little deeper. Often our wants masquerade as needs. I can help clarify needs from wants, which is critical in terms of finding a well-suited partner. Trust me, as some one who married later in life, I get it and understand where you are.

    Let’s chat briefly about your situation no-obligation…call me