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    Marriages are the most complicated relationships on the planet.  Where else do you have a delectable mix of attraction, sex, children, money/spending habits, and goals decorated with a side of uncommunicated /unrealistic expectations, emotional wounds, personal & mental health issues with a dash (or 3) of little or no training.   Hmmm, what could go wrong??

    Have you met the guy or girl of your dreams, or at least of your most recent thoughts?  This scenario sound somewhat familiar to you:

    You’ve heard about your “friend” who meets a new guy and find him charming, handsome and a bit mysterious.  She is the sexy girl next door and laughs at his jokes. He even holds my hand when in public.  Must be a match made in heaven!  You get married and voila – the representative goes home and the long time tenant appears. Oh, oh.  That mysteriousness now leads to distrust.  That sweet girl next door is no longer the brand new flava but now the brand new terror in your ear!  Wow it seems like EVERYBODY ELSE is messed up!

    The truth of the matter is that we ALL bring baggage to the relationship.  It depends on the size and type of baggage as to the effects it will have on your relationship.  We can help you at least strategically pack your own bag and communicate better and develop more mutual understanding.

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