• Regulate Yourself Series

    As the mid 90s hip hop classic Warren G song said, “Regulators– Mount up!”.

    This series is about how we can increase our ability to regulate ourselves when we get dysregulated. Or the street term – Pissed off! Or anxious, overwhelmed or stressed. If you are a parent or in a romantic relationship – then you KNOW what I am talking about and have plenty of opportunity for practice.

    This series is also written for me. One of my triggers that gets me dysregulated the most is dealing with customer service. Uggh… It’s not so customer friendly. I don’t know why the constant repeating of what I said and asking for permission for things I have already given you permission to do gets me there. Alas, I’m human. Oh, did I also mention our partners?!

    We may have issues dealing with stressors or anxiety from that annoying colleague (to someone else we may be the annoying colleague) or boss. Or life partner or child. Or the obligatory too nosy aunt.

    However, the source of our discontent may be the figments of failure, the lepers of loss, the anticipation of the bad, and the negative fortune telling we heap upon ourselves. They all meet up in that beautiful bluebonnet field called our minds that we occasionally – or often – turn into a toxic waste dumping ground.

    The series is meant to bring awareness and snippets of tactics to help bring relief upon ourselves.

    My ask is that you a) read the material, b) give it the old college (or tech school) try, c) send it someone you think you have identified (or “diagnosed” yourself w/Dr. Google Lol) that may resemble something written.

    Regulators – Mount up!